Directional Plot Example.PNG
Directional Plot
Direction Plot, or Migration Plot, is one of the charting options available in the Charts Panel. It aligns the starting position of all selected track objects to the origin and plots their X and Y positions relative to the origin over time. This chart is very useful for finding track migration patterns.

General Usage

To display the Direction Plot, open the Charts Panel and select the Direction Plot.

Select Measurements

There are no measurements to select with the Direction Plot. The charts plots the relative X and Y position of selected tracked objects.

Select Objects

Objects cannot be selected directly from this chart and instead must be selected by clicking on the desired object or objects on the image, or in the Spreadsheet. If no objects are selected in the image, the chart will display all tracks in the image.

Context Menu Options

The user can bring up the context menu by right-clicking anywhere in the Charts Panel. The context menu is specific to the Direction Plot and can be used to adjust chart display options.

Coloring options are available in the charts context menu.

Color By Object

This option will label the line colors by the objects selected, with the colors corresponding to the track overlay on the image. This is the default option.

All Same Colors

This option will label all displayed line the same color.