Dot Plot, or Scatter Plot, is one of the charting options available in the Charts Panel. It graphs the values of two measurements on the x- and y-axes respectively for an object set. Each object within an object set is represented as a single dot.

Dot Plot Example.PNG
For detailed information about Dot Plots in general, please refer to the Wikipedia entry for Scatter Plot.

General Usage

To display the Dot Plot, open the Charts Panel and select theScatterPlotIcon.pngDot Plot.

Select Measurements

As with all charts, to select a measurement, hover over the measurement name until it turns red and then click to bring up a menu of the available measurements. Both the x- and y-axes measurement can be specified in this chart.

Select Objects

Objects on the Dot Plot can be selected by dragging across the chart to create a box. You can also select objects by clicking on them individually and Shift+click to select multiple objects. Selected objects appear with red circles around the edge. Hovering over an individual data point will bring up the Track Number as well as the chart data for that point.

Magnify Chart Area

Chart Zoom can help with large data sets as it can be difficult to isolate the desired data point. Select the Zoom Tool by clicking on the ZoomToRegionIcon.pngicon. The user can drag the mouse cursor while holding the left mouse button to draw a box of the region to magnify. Repeat the magnification region until a desired level is reached. At this point, it is possible to switch to the Selection Cursor to select the data points of interest.

Change Axis Scale

To change the scale on any axis, click on the minimum or maximum value displayed and that value will appear in an editable window. Type in the value desired for the axis and hit <Enter>. Repeat this for other endpoint value as needed.

Context Menu Options

The user can bring up the context menu by right-clicking anywhere in the Charts Panel. The context menu is specific to the Dot Plot and can be used to adjust chart display options.

Lock X Axis

As well as being able to set the axis scale by clicking on the axis end-points, the user can lock the x-axis at the currently displayed settings when this option is selected. If the axis is not locked, the chart will automatically rescale the axes for each frame to best fit the data from that frame.

Lock Y Axis

Exactly like the Lock X Axis control, the user can lock the y-axis range at the currently displayed settings when this option is selected.

Update During Play

With this option selected the Dot Plot will update to display the current frame when playing an image sequence. If deselected, chart will update during single frame navigation, but when playing an image sequence will only update when paused.

Color mode

Select a mode in this menu to determine how each data point will be colored.
None colors all points the same.
Object colors each data point based on the object the data point belongs to.
Measure colors each data point based on the measurement selected on the Color axis.

Color for measures

Lets you select the color gradient to use for coloring by measurement.

Assign Color

Clicking this option brings up the Assign Color dialog. Here the user can select a color to apply to all the selected objects. Different colors can be applied each time when selecting a different object or set of objects. This provides an easy way to visualize multiple defined populations.

Reset Colors

Select this option to return to the default values for all objects being displayed.